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Cadet Rifle Training Weekend

Air Cadets from the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing recently spent a weekend at DTE Nesscliff in Shropshire improving their rifle handling and marksmanship skills.

Included in the group were Staff and Cadets from 480 (Studley) Squadron. As well as being trained on the L98A2, the Cadet version of the British Forces L85 rifle, Cadets Allum and Edwards and Corporals Allum and Harris also received marksmanship training on a computer controlled range simulator called a DCCT.

The Cadets arrived on the Friday evening and began their training with a safety briefing and DVD. Having completed the necessary administration, the Cadets had the opportunity to relax in the Junior Ranks Canteen before bedding down.

Following an early breakfast training began in earnest. All rifle training and live firing within the Air Training Corps is conducted by qualified Instructors that have completed courses run by the Air Cadet Regional Small Arms Training Teams. The standards are extremely high, with each Cadet and member of Staff having to pass a 10 – 15 minute test proving they can safely handle, operate and maintain the rifle. Having passed his Weapons Handling Test, Cadet Allum was excited about using the new weapon, commenting “the A2 is much better than the A1 rifle, I can’t wait to fire it!”

The weekend was a huge success. Cadet Edwards commented “it has been an exciting weekend and I have learnt lots of new skills. The atmosphere on the course has been brilliant and everyone has really helped and supported each other”.

The Senior Instructor on the course, Flying Officer Mark Hulme said “All the Cadets worked very hard and they impressed me with their enthusiasm and willingness to learn”.

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