480 Squadron Staff Rank Structure

Adult NCO Ranks

These ranks represent the Adult Non-Commisioned Officers (NCOs) and do not hold the Queen's Commission and because they are with the Cadet Organisation, they wear the ATC distinguishing badge. It is these members of staff that aid the Commisioned Officers in runnung the squadron and provide the main link between the cadets and the staff.

Adult Sgt
Adult Sergeant - Sgt (ATC)
Adult FS
Adult Flight Sergeant - FS (ATC)
Adult Warrant Officer - WO (ATC)

Adult Warrant Officer - WO (ATC)
AWO with previous regular service at equivalent rank or appointed before 1980

Commissioned Officer Ranks - RAF VR(T)

These ranks represent the Commissioned Officers and hold the Queen's Commission and therefore they need to be saluted. These Officers are part of the RAF Volunteer Reserve Training Branch (RAF VR(T)) and therefore wear the VRT distinguishing badge. These are the members of staff that run the squadron and keep it going and they sort out all the paperwork and forms that are required for cadets to take part in activities. Without them, the cadets would not be able to do a lot of activities at all. The more senior of these ranks run things at both Wing and Regional level.

Plt Off
Pilot Officer - Plt Off
Fg Off
Flying Officer - Fg Off
Flt Lt
Flight Lieutenant - Flt Lt
Sqn Ldr
Squadron Leader - Sqn Ldr
Wg Cdr
Wing Commander - Wg Cdr

Senior Commissioned Officer Ranks - Headquarters Staff

These ranks represent the Senior Commissioned Officers from Headquarters Air Cadets (HQAC). These Officers are regular servicemen/women and are therefore not under the RAF Volunteer Reserve Training Branch (RAF VR(T)). These Officers are responsible for reunning the cadet organisation as a whole.

Gp Capt
Group Captain - Gp Capt
Air Cdre
Air Commodore - Air Cdre