480 Squadron Inter-Flight Competition

Throughout the year, we are running an Inter-Flight Competition. As the Squadron is split into two flights, they are set to compete against each other over the year gaining points for attending parades, uniform inspections, attending various events and gaining qualifications & awards.

You can follow the progress of each flight on the summary here.

Acksea Flight

Flight total = 4058

Rank Name Individual Total
CdtAirlie, Imogen312
CplAllum, Tomas181
CplBarton, Chloe270
CdtBates, Liam239
CdtBennett, Edward316
SgtCapper, Stephen214
CdtCave, Rebecca194
CdtChapman, Joshua273
CdtFender, Matthew315
CdtGranger, John280
CdtHarper, Oliver250
CdtMaddocks, Ryan79
CdtMay, Nathan173
CdtPradhan, Swapnil258
CdtScarrott, Jaeb119
CdtSkinner, Hamish296
CdtTristram, Thomas289

Burma Flight

Flight total = 4005.0

Rank Name Individual Total
CdtAmos, Lauren315.0
CdtBanes, Fraser269.0
CplElsworth, Django186.0
CdtEvans, Dylan214.0
CdtGilbert, Joseph193.0
CdtHailes, Callum150.0
CdtKing, Amy Jessica271.0
CdtLawrence, Michael252.0
CdtLong, Emily286.0
CdtMorgan, Daniel181.0
CplOrme, Jessica228.0
CdtPhilips, Bethan261.0
CdtPoxon, Jamie303.0
CdtShrestha, Sanyham144.0
CdtStewart, Harry283.0
SgtTarrant, Max248.0
CdtWells, Thomas221.0

The breakdown of points is as follows:

Attendance %age
Monthly Inspection 6pts max
Flying/Gliding 10pts
Sporting Events 10pts
Shooting 1pt
Marksman 10pts
D of E 10pts
First Aid 10pts
Exams 5pts Pass; 10pts Credit; 20pts Distinction
Communications 10pts
Awards/Quals 10pts
Courses 5pts
Misc Achievements 10pts