480 Squadron Cadet Rank Structure

Cadet Ranks

This is the general Cadet Rank structure that is used throughout the Corps.

No Rank
Cadet - Cdt
Cdt Cpl

Cadet Corporal - Cdt Cpl
Corporal is the first Cadet NCO rank. A cadet holding the rank of Corporal can be referred to as a Junior NCO (JNCO), and acts as the liaison between the Cadets and the NCOs. Any cadet who is 1st Class or above is eligible to be an NCO. The promotion to Corporal is made by individual Squadron Commanding Officers, and selection is based purely on merit, and leadership potential. The rank slide for a Corporal consists of two silver downward chevrons.

Cdt Sgt
Cadet Sergeant - Cdt Sgt
Sergeant is the first Senior NCO (SNCO) rank. The rank slide for this rank consists of three silver downwards chevrons. Again promotion to this rank is made by the Squadron Commanding Officer. In a relatively big Squadron, a Sergeant might be expected to be second in charge (2IC) of a Flight (subsection of a large squadron).
Cdt FS
Cadet Flight Sergeant - Cdt FS
This is the highest rank appointment that can be made by a Squadron Commanding Officer. The rank slide for a Flt/Sgt is similar to that of Sergeant (see above), but has a silver crown above it. In any Squadron which is split up into flights, a Flt/Sgt would be expected to be in charge (IC) of one flight.
Cadet Warrant Officer - CWO
Promotion to CWO made by a Wing Commanding Officer after recommendation by the Squadron Commanding officer. Each Wing has its own allocation of how many CWOs they may have. The rank slide for CWO consists of a silver crown, surrounded by laurel branches (branches similar to the UN crest). In order to be a CWO you must be over the age of 18 and be a Senior Cadet. A CWO is not normally in charge of a flight, but instead takes charge of all the flights in a squadron.

Instructor Cadet Ranks

Once a Senior NCO (SNCO) has reached the age of 18, they can attend an Instructor Cadet Course and if passed they will receive Rank Slides with Instructor Cadet written on them.

Rank Slide
Instructor Cadet Sgt
Instructor Cadet Sergeant - Cdt Sgt
Instructor Cadet FS
Instructor Cadet Flight Sergeant - Cdt FS
Instructor CWO
Instructor Cadet Warrant Officer - CWO