C.I. M Long
Updated on 24 September, 2012

CI M Long

Mike Long
Civilian Instructor

Mike joined 480 (Studley) Sqn in 2001 in the week of his thirteenth birthday keen to go on to join the RAF as Aircrew until he realised he didn’t enjoy flying! He remained on the squadron until he reached the rank of Flight Sergeant at the age of nineteen.

During his time as a Cadet Mike took part in a wide variety of activities from flying, shooting and sports. He participated in every Sqn SENTA camp that was offered as he enjoys ‘Green’ Fieldcraft activities.

In 2005 Mike undertook the Squadrons basic aircrew survival course which was one of the best weekends he can remember, despite being cold, wet, hungry and very tired at the time. Attending an Annual Camp at RAF Valley in Anglesey was also a highlight, during which he visited 22 SAR (Search & Rescue) Sqn, spending a day as a Flight Line Engineer and visiting the Fire and Police Dog sections. Mike also completed his Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Mike rejoined the Sqn after a short break as a Civilian Instructor in 2009 where he went on to become an Adult Sergeant, however due to work commitments stood down and left the Sqn. He returned again in 2011 where he is in his current post back as a Civilian Instructor where he instructs in Principles of Flight, Airmanship, First Aid and Fieldcraft.

Mike is a Fire fighter with Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service and lives in Redditch with his Girlfriend.